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Create as many sessions as wished.
For each session enter dedicated contents with the speakers...
Handle your session in real-time with other services.

Life capabilities

Capture the audience with poll, questions in real time ...
Enable interaction with chatbot, chat live.
Analyze mood and trend.


Create as many booths, partners as wished.
For each enter contents with company, product details...
Add live demo, video, contact & share ...


Enable display of text, pictures gallery, video.
Define your button name then define URL.
Manage your social network, link.


Easy to use,
Easy to deploy,
Easy to maintain

Add your own content in a few clicks.
No special skills required, intuitive point & click interface.
Smart administration console for managers.

No wire, no tools needed.
Just stick pops on reception desk, booths, keynote seats or other location.

Very intuitive user experience for consumers

  • Speak to references
  • Engage with us

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AI analytics

AI in a nutshell...
Get valuable feedback, 2-ways show.
Optimise show ratings & attendance.
Capture contacts & generate leads.