About us

pop’n link introduces a new user experience, a new move, a new way to use smartphones for a more prosperous business.

Thanks to its POP, an innovate device distinguished by the Innovation Award at CES Las Vegas 2017, pop’n link provides your customers a pertinent access to your contextual services and content, without downloading any specific app neither sharing any login or personal data.

By just holding a smartphone on a POP for a few seconds, user is instantaneously offered a new universe of digital services tailored and related to the POP location (restaurant, hotel, office, event, store, museum, …), optimizing your business processes and workflows.

As POP guarantees the Proof of Presence of users at the POP location, pop’n link provides secured features like payment, authentic reviews, real-time user experience sharing, … turning into high business value services. And to make it even smarter and richer, pop’n link integrates the latest interface design practices and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

To speed up the development of the smartest web applications and push them instantenously to your customers and users, pop’n link has developped a very innovative application named pop’n designer made of business widgets (cart, payment, review, pick&collect, …) that enables pushing tailored web pages to your users in a few days, far the usual lengthy developent cycles required with old technologies.

Our embedded technology is bringing IoT to a new era, opening up new opportunities in all kinds of businesses, connecting all your business objects to your customers and prospects.

More than just an innovative technology, pop’n link is a new connected lifestyle.